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Service: 5 Steps

CUSTOMER TESTIMONY - I, Alvaro José Nahum Neto, sales manager and partner of Cemeap, hereby recommend the services provided by Everesting 5, in the figure of Mr. Jose Mario and with great help from Debora.
In March 2018 we had the right decision to hire the services of Jose Mario.
Not only was the sales department restructured, which led to an increase in the company's profitability, as it did some adjustments in other sectors of the company, which raised the quality of our services.
Thank you very much for the services provided and certainly we will indicate Everesting 5.



Service: 5 Steps

CUSTOMER TESTIMONY - ...... we hired Everesting 5 with the aim of creating a new business model for the company in order to increase the results / sales volume ....
...... based on the diagnosis, a strategic plan was created to work among many actions and other tools. In the SWOT tool case there was also one for each quadrant (strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats).
Among many positive results achieved in the executive plan carried out by Everesting 5, one that draws attention is the elimination of weaknesses and threats and also have strengthened the forces and opportunities ....

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Service: 5 Steps

CUSTOMER TESTIMONY - On Isa Brasil behalf, I would like to thank Jose Mario, Debora, Tatiana and all of Everesting 5 team for their services in recent months.
With the market so dynamic, it is necessary to adapt faster to changes, technologies and new processes and the mission is very complicated, so it is necessary to ally itself with experts and competent professionals as Everesting 5 team.
Thank you for helping us to achieve our goals and for being part of our history!

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Service: Lecture

CUSTOMER TESTIMONY - ......We, by this testimonial, offer our most sincere thanks for your kind, important and EXCELLENT lecture held to employees of the sales area of ​​our ValeCard partnership on July 30, 2018.
We were honored to be able to enjoy such great experience, and I must emphasize how valuable his contribution was in face of the content explained, which was extremely relevant and generated immediate results and extremely positive comments from the team and board.
For the collaboration and support we received, be sure that, by the professionalism, trust and knowledge presented, referencing your company will always be a great satisfaction ....